GoblinCon - Bizi Sosyal Medyada Takip Edin.



Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a contraction of the words costume play, is a hobby in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture, and a broader use of the term “cosplay” applies to any costumed role-playing in venues apart from the stage.

A person who does cosplay is called cosplayer. There are cosplayers that do cosplay as a hobby whereas some people are cosplayer as their livelihood.

If you are a cosplayer and want to use our changing rooms, you have to fill out this form.

You can use GoblinCon Cosplayer Frame to post what costumes you will wear for GoblinCon on social media.

Cosplay Contest

Each contestant must fill out Online Participation Form first. Contestants will receive confirmation emails afterwards.

Contest Rules

– Each contestant must have a GoblinCon ticket. If the contestant does not have a ticket, he/she can not join the contest.
– Contestants must agree that their costumes do not violate the rules.
– Each contestant must make or alter at least 60% of the costume. Commissioned or store bought costumes cannot join the contest. (Our judges will decide if the costume is made or bought).
–  Contestants CANNOT join the contest with award winning costumes. We encourage contestants with these costumes to join our CosWalk.
– Organization has a right to disqualify any contestant they think it’s inappropriate.
– Fanarts and original designs cannot join the contest. We encourage these contestants to join CosWalk.
– Contestants must be able to walk by themselves. Our crew will help you in case of emergency but you will be walking the stage alone. Helper you named in your application will only be able to help you in changing rooms. Only contestants will be in pre-judging room and backstage.

Each contestant must wear their bracelets. If you are joining the event more than one day, we encourage you to not take your bracelet off until the end of event. If you want to cosplay, please consider how you will be wearing your bracelet.

Only contestants will have seperate badges. These badges must be visible on contestant during the contest day. All cosplayers including contestants must wear bracelets and show when it is asked.


Contestants will be judged on 3 main categories :

– Craftsmanship – How contestant made the costume, which materials are used and creativity
– Likeness/Detail – How detailed is the costume and how it resembles the original design
– Presentation – How contestant presented the costume during pre-judging and on stage

Each contestant has a specific time for pre-judging. You will be emailed about your time after application is closed.You must arrive at least half an hour early before your judging time.Each contestant has at most 3 MINUTES. Our judges will examine your costume for craftsmanship and likeness during this time. Reference pictures are a plus. Please do not forget to bring those.

You will receive your final score from  your stage performance. You can surprise judges and audience but do not surprise the organization! You might be disqualified if you do.


About The Contest

Contestants must arrive 1 hour before the contest. During this time, only contestant will be taken backstage. When the contest starts, emcees and judges will be announced first, then contestants will enter the stage by their stage number. Contestants will have at most 90 SECONDS on stage. This time includes setting up your props and cleaning up after your skit. This time will not be extended. Nobody can join you on stage, you will be on your own. You have to submit the video you want to use on stage with your online application. You CANNOT hand over your video at the venue.


10.000 ₺ prize pool.




Cosplayers who don’t want to enter the contest but want to walk the stage and show of their costumes are welcomed to join CosWalk! During CosWalk, cosplayers can show of their costumes, show some moves to audience! There will be photograph and video shooting during the walk!

Click here if you want to join CosWalk.